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Lacan Technologies Sp. z o.o.

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Lacan Technologies is a fast - growing tech company that operates in the business management area. We supports our clients of IT tools or new technologies and offer them the innovative solutions designed to optimize their business processes. Our rapid growth is a result of worldwide trends connected with investments on enterprise resource planning (ERP) market. Lacan Technologies is an specialized ERP software provider for manufacturing industry. We have created a solution specialized to control a business environment including following processes: production quality control warehouse management product specification financial management & controllling We also specialize in EU funded projects including: Polish, Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian Regional Operational Programmes R&D Programmes including EUROSTARS and Horizon2020 International cooperation programmes: INTERREG We provide complex financing solutions for both local and international companies who need some extra funding for their development.

Organization Type Company
Organization Size26-50
CityWarszawa04-076, Aleja Stanów Zjednoczonych 146 Google map
Areas of Activities


  1. Business Development

Innovative ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software for Medical Manufacturers

We have developed, with our Partner - Prino-plast (one of the exhibitors at Medica), a system that can be sucessfully used for complete medical manufacturing management. The software includes following areas: production, quality control, assembly line control, product specification, warehouse management, finances &controlling, human resources.


EU Funding for your company development

I would like to recommed a variety of options for EU Funding possibilities for your company on several markets: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria. If you are from a most developed EU country it is also an option for you to invest in one or more of these countries and benefit from this money.

We also help companies to get money from centralized EU sources like: EUROSTARS, INTERREG, Horizon2020

The options for financing of development are possible in the following areas:

* research and development - especially if you are developing/changing your products - you can get several milions EUR for each project
* export and product internationalization - if you are or want to sell your products in other countries - you can get up to million EUR per project
* investment - if you want to build your property, hire people - a variety of different options - up to several millions of EUR per project

Your company can be based in any country (even if there is no structural funds provided).



The aim of the project is to create a set of tools for startups to manage their companies effectively at the beginning. That includes:

* trainings & development
* ICT tools:

- project management
- logistics
- accounting & controlling
- manufacturing

We look for:

* clusters
* NGOs
* chamber of commerce
* incubators
* local and national governments
* other organizations that support start-up

We want to apply for grants in INTERREG for this project - International Partners required.


ERP system Partnership needed!

We look for a Partner ERP that we can sell along with our (LacanERP) that is not sufficient for all customer needs.


ERP Sales in Romania

We are a producer of a customizable ERP software. I am looking for Partners that may be able to help us popularize our solution in Romania


Aggregates in ORM Layer

We look for Partners that would be interested in a project concerning building aggregate structures in ORM level.

We look for:

* universities
* other IT companies

In EU countries as we would like to start a H2020 project on these matters.


Central-Eastern European Grants for Western European Business Organizations

We are looking for clusters and other business organizations that would like to help their members to grow even quicker by using EU Grants available on CE markets.

* clusters
* chambers of commerce
* incubators
* branch organizations